About Us

The Brazilian Foreign Trade Association (AEB) is a private non-profit entity that brings together and represents businesses engaged in foreign trade and its related activities.

AEB maintains a constant dialogue with government agencies and entities involved in foreign trade, vocalizing and defending the businesses’ interests. Some of these relevant forums are: Private Sector Advisory Board of CAMEX; Deliberative Council of Apex-Brasil; Permanent National Port Commission; Councils of Port Authorities; Advisory National Council of EMBRAPA; Brazilian Business Coalition of CNI; Business Council for Foreign Trade of Mercosur (MERCOEX); Political Council of the Ports Commission, among others.
An active entity for over 40 years
AEB was founded on August 20th, 1970, as Association of Brazilian Exporters (AEB). In August 1985, was renamed to Brazilian Foreign Trade Association keeping, however, the acronym AEB for its wide recognition and prestige achieved over the first 15 years of existence.

AEB’s main objective is looking after the interests of the association and the members besides strengthening cooperation between them and coordinating their activities in order to achieve their common interests.
AEB also seeks to cooperate with concerned parties in the public and private sectors in all matters that serve and enhance to promote competitive and sustainable expansion of foreign trade.
Specifcs objectives:
• Promote the study of foreign trade related subjects and propose solutions for problems affecting its development;
• Contribute to the technical improvement of production, commercialization, logistics, transportation systems, financing and credit insurance in order to achieve cost reductions, , improved productivity and quality of services/products, assuring competitive position in global markets;
• Providing proposals aiming at upgrading commercial legislations and measures to contribute for the facilitation and expansion of goods and services foreign trade;
• Endeavouring to establish partnerships with similar national and international institutions, and
• Take any other initiative that benefits the expansion of foreign trade and ensures the social and economic development of the country.

AEB is an active entity in discussions of relevant topics for the expansion of foreign trade of Brazil. It maintains an open dialogue with the executive and legislative powers, at federal and state levels, that aims the adoption of policies and measures to promote export and import expansion of goods and services as well as related activities to support trade.
Therefore, AEB has positioned itself firmly in favor of structural reforms to encourage:
- Free business;
- Simplified and fair paying tax system;
- Expansion and improvement of infrastructure;
- Reduction of bureaucracy and taxation;
- Simplified and consolidated legislations, for a better regulatory environment
- Expansion of financial and insurance support for foreing trade related transactions;
- Measures to encourage fair trade and free competition.

AEB aims to be a representative and active institution, anticipating the changes in the business environment, in order to succeed in reaching a business expansion, integration and sustainable competitiveness in the international trade.

Products and Services
Some of the products and services provided by AEB:

Database of Foreign Trade Legislation
AEB offers on its website, as exclusive content for its members, an updated database of Foreign Trade Legislation.

AEB Daily
Electronic newsletter with foreign trade legislation, news and upcoming events.

Direct Contact with Member
Electronic Mailings such as AEB in Action, AEB Consulting, AEB Communicates, AEB Business Opportunity that establish a direct line with members in order to provide relevant information.

AEB in Printed and Digital Media
The image of credibility, summed with integrity, honesty and clearly defined goals make AEB a permanent and almost daily presence in printed media, radio and television, commenting on trade balance and foreign trade statistics, assessing administrative measures and legal acts and disseminating its studies and researches.

Meetings with Authorities
AEB promotes regular meetings with constant participation of government officials, allowing its members to maintain direct and effective dialogue for requests and discussion of projects and policies.

AEB comprises the Integrated Logistics Chamber (CLI) that has outstanding performance in the areas of transportation and port logistics, enabling dialogue between private and public sectors. CLI coordinates the activities of representatives appointed by AEB to the Councils of Port Authorities.